The Brewer’s Guild: A Drop of Old Jakes

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"What’s more dangerous than a lad deep in his cups, with a belly so full of fire he can’t feel your fist when it hits him in the head? Can’t say I know. Rowdy, violent, and crisscrossed with scars, the Grand Brewer’s crew are a dangerous bunch, who will sooner put you in the dirt than take the ball out from under your feet…"
Flint, Mason’s Guild

Fiercely protective of his people, the Grand Brewer’s voice is the law and his fury terrible to behold, especially for those possessed of folly enough to earn his ire. Barroom brawlers one and all, and inspired by their leader’s commanding presence, the Brewers in his crew barrel down the pitch in a headlong charge on their way to the goal.

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